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This pillar has the highest number of points in the amended B-BBEE sector codes. It touches on one of the top agendas of our time – contributing towards the economic growth of South Africa through the empowering and supporting of entrepreneurs and providing them with access to markets.

While the value of supporting small businesses is increasingly acknowledged, in practice it can often be difficult to bridge the gap between the capacity of the SMEs and the often high expectations and requirements in supply chains of companies.

Through the Enterprise and Supplier Development Strategy, we have identified various interventions and partnerships to assist SMEs to enhance their performance capabilities, and to adopt a market position in the competitive business environment.

We seek to nurture, grow and sustain black-owned businesses by providing technical & business development support through mentoring, coaching and back office support. In addition, loan funding is provided to qualifying SME suppliers, with the ultimate goal of natural progression to the supply chain management of our clients and thereby affects the Preferential Procurement scoring.

In collaboration with key partners within the industry, we host a database of entrepreneurs which are assisted to grow and become sustainable businesses. In seeking to realise the operational and overall objectives of this programme, the AGF is involved in the growth of several different enterprise & supplier development initiatives as depicted below:

Current enterprise & supplier development case study:

Guys in Green – a garden maintenance Enterprise Development. The AGF provided working capital and is currently mentoring and coaching the SMEs and providing them with access to markets.

Assistance for black-owned SMEs:

In order to make a success of this pillar, The AGF is able to provide the following assistance to black-owned SMEs.

Roast Republic was founded back in 2013, and has grown from a dream into a thriving social enterprise. We run a roastery and a couple of cafés, and very soon our social franchise will be added to this ever growing list. We roast and sell coffee from our home base in Johannesburg, South Africa. We operate as a social enterprise which means we have a double bottom line as a business and a brand. Ours’ is simple – we give away 50% of our profits in the form of education development programs through our charity partner Youthzones. More recently we have partnered with Amaverkykers, an ED company, in launching a social franchise: creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs that are passionate about hospitality and owning their own business to acquire funding to own their own business and offer training and support for them to get the business profitable and sustainable.

Not only do we pride ourselves in sourcing & roasting the finest coffee beans on the planet, but we also have a huge passion for South Africa and her beautifully diverse people. We have a dream for our country, and that dream is a republic in which education is accessible for all.

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