Make a difference and donate towards the studies of 5 promising young students.

The Abcon Group Foundation is proud to facilitate, mentor and place some of the brightest young students studying towards their property related degrees. As a transformation solutions specialist and together with your help we aim to turn them into future property leaders. Your donation will play a vital role in helping them achieve their greatness within the built environment.

*All donations go directly to the students’ tuition, study material and student accommodation.
**Once budgeted targets have been met, the donation portal will be closed and will re-open when the 2022 intake of new students recommences.
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Our 5 students for 2021

1.Tshepang Lethale

Age: 19 | Year of Study: 2nd Year (2021) | Tertiary Institution: University of Pretoria | Studying: BSc. Real Estate

Let’s make Tshepang’s Real Estate degree a reality

Tshepang is studying at the University of Pretoria towards her degree in Real Estate (BSc.). She is looking forward to a future within the Real Estate industry and her academic goal is to achieve a number of distinctions in her studies. Beyond her love for entrepreneurship, Tshepang’s hobbies include dancing, public speaking, reading and keeping fit through a variety of sports.

Tshepang’s previous academic achievements:

- Top performing student in Consumer Studies (Matric 2019)
- Winner of her high school’s entrepreneurship studies competition (Matric 2019)
- Cum Laude certificate in Entrepreneurship (Mashuari 2020)

Be part of Tshepang’s foundation to flourish.


2. Tyrique Klassen

Age: 19 | Year of Study: 2nd Year (2021) | Tertiary Institution: Wits University | Studying: BSc. Property Studies

Let’s open the door to Tyrique’s future in Property Studies.

Tyrique is currently studying at Wits University towards his BSc. degree in Property Studies. His dream is to open a real estate company of his own which focusses on rentals. He understands that his education is the most important thing to build towards his dream and is fully committed in achieving the highest marks in all his classes. Tyrique is a versatile problem solver and takes pride in being a critical thinker. He also has a drive to help out in community work with the vision of creating a NPO to assist with food shortages in South Africa.

Tyrique’s previous academic achievements:

-Winner of the Wits TTP national research competition.

Donate towards Tyrique’s foundation to flourish.


3. Irvin Sibiya

Age: 29 | Year of Study: 2nd Year (2021) | Tertiary Institution: University of Cape Town | Studying: BSc. Construction Studies

Let’s unearth Irvin’s potential for Construction Studies.

Irvin is a driven, dynamic and extremely motivated individual. He is currently attending the University of Cape Town where he is studying BSc. Construction Studies. His academic growth is his highest priority and aims to further his education by completing his honors degree as well. Irvin is a great communicator and understands the importance of networking and acquiring new skills in the digital age. Coming from a small rural town in Mpumalanga, Irvin had many challenges during the national lockdown, but he did not let that get in the way of his studies.

Irvin’s previous academic achievements::

-Matric average of 75%
-Excelling in Math and Financial Math

Donate towards Irvin’s foundation to flourish.


4. Ryan Moodley

Age: 23 | Year of Study: 4th Year (2021) | Tertiary Institution: Wits University | Studying: BSc. Property Studies

Let’s help Ryan go the distance in Property Studies.

Having just completed his 3rd year of his BSc. degree in Property Studies, Ryan is one of the top performers in his course at Wits. With a high average across all his subjects he hopes to find work experience in the property industry before he finishes his degree. Not only is he interested in building a career in the property realm, but he also aims to own multiple properties of his own. He values his good interpersonal skills and is both highly motivated and trustworthy.

Donate towards Ryan’s foundation to flourish.


5. Ziyanda Mbanjwa

Age: 20 | Year of Study: 2nd Year (2021) | Tertiary Institution: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University | Studying: Diploma in Marketing Management

Let’s kickstart Ziyanda’s career in Marketing.

Ziyanda is studying towards a Diploma in Marketing Management. With a passion for the property sector, Ziyanda aspires to become a marketing entrepreneur specifically for property agencies. Ziyanda adapts quickly to her environment and is confident when she is amongst a group of people. In her free time, she likes to read, enjoys acting and singing. With limited time on campus due to the pandemic she enjoyed interacting with other students, while confined to her residence during lockdown.

Donate towards Ziyanda’s foundation to flourish.