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Changing lives
across South Africa
is what we do best.

About Us


The AGF has the ability to raise money through the Abcon Group’s BEE spend. The strategic partners of the Abcon Group, directly and indirectly, support the AGF.

Established in 2013 as an integral part of the Abcon Group of companies, we serve as the corporate social investment partner to the Abcon Group, further extending our commitment to social responsibility and community development.

The Abcon Group Foundation primarily operates within South Africa’s built environment. Focused on socio-economic transformation, AGF offers solutions within the pillars of Socio-Economic Development, as well as Skills Development and Training.

Our Vision

Our vision remains steadfast: to consistently provide ethical, integral, and impactful solutions for community upliftment.

We aim to position AGF as a driving force in the development and execution of structured education infrastructure and skills development programs.


Our primary goal has consistently been to bring about meaningful and tangible social betterment within the communities we serve, achieved through forging vital
partnerships and agreements with stakeholders.

Having predominantly operated in the built environment for the past decade, our focus is squarely on infrastructure and development for those we aim to assist, aligning with our own expertise and the strengths of our partners.


The individuals we support heavily rely on our centres, schools, and daycares as havens from their daily challenges, and it’s our commitment to ensure these spaces are as functional and welcoming as possible.
Through ongoing backing and donations, our beneficiaries can thrive in a secure and nurturing environment, receiving the education and care essential for a promising future.

We eagerly anticipate the further enhancements and advancements we plan to enact in the years ahead.

our pillars

The Abcon Group Foundation provides transformation solutions within three pillars:

These opportunities are not limited to the Abcon Group
and are available to many external strategic partners.