Skills Development & Training

Through a needs analysis, the AGF is able to identify opportunities in organisations’ skills development & training. This will trigger us to provide the vehicle, tools and sustainable solutions that ensure continuous business improvement & the necessary skills development and training with minimal effort from the clients.

The primary objective is for us to deliver professional solutions to various organisational Skills Development and transformation challenges faced by different businesses.

With various aspects of the needs for the educational journey explored, we are then able to facilitate the provision of bursary schemes, learnerships, training, apprenticeships, and internships. This provides the underprivileged individuals with the opportunity to gain access to quality education whilst contributing to the talent pipeline of the built environment trade.

We pride ourselves in our carefully selected partners who are accredited and reputable service providers. Detailed background work has been completed such as the development of detailed workflow programmes with each service provider where their roles and responsibilities are clearly articulated to ensure the smooth execution of all the skills development and training programmes.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for assistance with a learnership, internship, apprenticeship, or a bursary, then please fill in this form, and someone will contact you soon.

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