socio-economic development

The AGF hosts and implements socio-economic development projects and initiatives that result in a positive social change and public benefit, as approved by Section 18(a) of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962.

The objective of this pillar is to become the prime driver of progressive social change in our sphere of influence. The Foundation administrates grants funding, vets and approves beneficiaries and various projects and lastly implements, upgrades and maintains structured programes to benefit affected communities.

In seeking to realise the overall and operational objectives of this programme, the AGF has a strategic partnership with Hawk Academy School. This forms one of our structured programs with long term goals.

Genesis Creche

The AGF has over the years supported Genesis Creche children. We provided infrastructural and continuously spend time with them during the special annual events we host for them in our calendar.

Hawk Academy School

This is one of Ablands industrial precinct developments in Germiston. The school currently has 900 pupils that are from the surrounding informal settlements. Through the funds that we have raised, we assist the school with infrastructure development and maintenance while assisting the pupils and the communities with basic needs, food and clothing etc.

We spend most of our social event dates at the school with the pupils.

A masterplan has been developed which includes demolition of some of the buildings at the school and construction of a proud new primary and high school.